KOINE’, the International Fair for the religious sector, organized by Italian Exhibition Group in the Vicenza Fair Pavilions, closed on February 18th, 2019.
As the year 2019 is dedicated to the “slow tourism”, this Fair edition has pinpointed the religious tourism too.
The Associazione Teatro Popolare di Sordevolo joined the Fair with a stand in cooperation with the tour operator Biella da Vivere, and the results are very positive.

We had the opportunity to meet Italian and foreign buyers, particularly from Nigeria, US, Russian Federation, Spain and UK; all of them have been impressed by the unicity of our performance and have manifested their interest to propose it during their tours on the biellese land.
We’ve also found a great interest by single visitors, families and organizers of parish groups, all determined not to miss the opportunity to be present to the events of Sordevolo 2020

During the Fair conferences and workshops were organized, one of which entirely dedicated to the Santuario di Oropa and its event on the next year.