The Associazione Teatro Popolare di Sordevolo has the intention of pulling in Sordevolo, during next Summer 2020, not only spectators but tourists too, where they can watch the greatest popular Italian performance but also explore a not-so-known land and its historical and natural sites such as its food-and-wine offer.

On this purpose on April 30th/Mai 1st , thanks to the co-operation of Mr Gianni Miradoli by Tourinvest, some Tour Operators from USA had the opportunity to visit the places of the Passione, but also the beautiful hills around Asti and Alba.

The days spent in the Langhe land were organized by Mr Stefano Mosca, manager by Ente Fiera del Tartufo (Trufle Fair), always ready to maintain a co-operation with his land of origin; while the itineraries in and around Biella were thought and supported by the local Tourism Office and its President Mrs Paola Gallo.

The Tour Operators reached Biella on April 30th morning and began their tour by the Shrine of the Black Virgin Mary in Oropa.

During the afternoon they paid a visit in Pollone by Lanificio Piacenza’s premises, then arrived to Sordevolo where they could discover the reality of the Passione: the amphitheatre where next year they’ll bring the groups of tourists to watch the play, the backstage and the Museum of the Passione, where all history of this ancient tradition is shown.

Wednesday 1st began with a sightseeing of Biella and in particular of its Baptistry in Romanesque style, expressly open for them.

After lunch they’ve paid a visit to Casa Menabrea and its Beer Museum. And then they couldn’t miss a tour by the Burcina Park in Pollone, in these days in its full splendour.

They’ve been excited about everything they’ve seen and learned. Some of them had already watched the Passione performance on 2015 and have confirmed it’s hard to describe both the magnificence of the play and the emotional impact it causes; the sole way to understand is to be member of the audience; for this reason they’ll be happy to bring their groups to Sordevolo.

They’ve also appreciated the food-and-wine offer by the local restaurateurs, applied to do all their best to offer their very good typical dishes.