The Passione di Sordevolo is striding on its way toward the 2020, and the promotion is its peculiar task now.

Between January 31st and February 3rd important meetings with some european tourist agencies have been arranged by Europlan, tour operator in Affi (VR) involved in the promotion of the performances 2020 of our Associazione Teatro Popolare di Sordevolo.

Of great importance the organization by the local Tourist Office in co-operation with the Langhe-Roero area, particularly with the Truffle Fair in Alba, thanks to the precious help of Stefano Mosca; the task was to have beauty and values of this so similar lands known by the visitors. The programme of the event has involved all sectors and actors of both districts.

During the first two days the tour operators could admire the nice Langhe views and taste the local food and wine, well known products appreciated all over the world.

Then they’ve spent the weekend knowing the Biellese and the Passione di Sordevolo. On Saturday 2nd they’ve visited the Museum of Passione, the warehouses where costumes and pieces of scenography are stored and the stables where horses are kept during all the performances period; they’ve also got in the amphitheatre and manifested to have been enthusiastically impressed and excited.

They’ve also been really satisfied by all what hoteliers and restaurateurs have offered them.

On Sunday morning, by the Agorà Palace Hotel, the local unions Biella Accoglie and Alpi Biellesi, together with the Shrine of Oropa have had the opportunity to introduce the beauties of our land, supported by short films realized by the Biellese GAL.

This whole experience has been greatly appreciated by all of them; it is really satisfactory the way they let us know how they felt very comfortable with us, they say “at home”.

Some of them have already considered to put in their catalogues the visit to our area during the Passione di Sordevolo 2020.