The Passion Museum will be able to welcome visitors once again after a year and a half’s closure. On Sunday 27th June at 14.30 the completely rennovated museum, in its historic site in the choir of St. Marta’s Church Sordevolo, will open its doors to the public again.

The museum’s contents were last updated over ten years ago. We felt the need to give scenery more space and part of the project is a temporary exhibition inside St Marta’s Church for the year of the Play. We were able to do this thanks to funding from CRT Bank Foundation as well as completely restyling the museum.

The main reasons that led the committee to propose this rennovation are:

  • Update the contents, from a technological point of view as well.
  • Make better use of the 120 m2 available space.
  • Highlight the main parts of the Passion.
  • Give a message of continuity between material, non-material and common goods that are characteristic of the association and the entire village.
  • Promote Christ’s Passion in a more concrete manner, even in periods when there are no performances.

This all required a long period of meticulous research by the members of the Museum Commission. All the other commissions connected to Sordevolo’s Popular Theatre Association colloborated providing help and information. Claudio Burato and Luca Dal Chiele, photographers from Perini Photographs Biella, who have collaborated with our association for years, took care of the images.

The most important change was the work of the Department of Architecture at Turin Polytechnic, led by Professor Massimiliano Lo Turco and five collaborators. They produced a multi-medial, three-dimensional reproduction of two sets of stage scenery from the 1934 and 1950 performances, two particularly important productions of the Passion. The projection which lasts about 15 minutes goes beyond our expectations. Some  of our actors lent their voices to enrichen the images.

The restyling created 8 thematic corners covering scenery, the history of the Passion script, coverage of the entire performance, the volunteers ( technicians, tailors, actors, direction, service staff, etc ), the Children’s Passion, costumes, historical objects and documents telling Sordevolo’s story going back hundreds of years with more than 300 photographs, 7 films, 2 multi-medial presentations all with headings and subtitles in Italian and English.

The Passion Museum is part of the Biella Museum Network and keeps its opening periods. It will be open every Sunday from 27th June to 26th September 2021 plus Saturday 10th July and 14th and 21st August. Entrance fee €2,00.

The Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta Museums ticket entitles holders to a free entrance.

Visits can be made on other dates after 27th June upon written request to or by filling in the form at the following link: