Where nature and culture meet.

Sordevolo. A small village of 1350 inhabitants, nestled on a terrace on the slopes of Mt. Mucrone, where the Elvo Valley opens up towards the plain. Its position at 627m a.s.l. is pretty favourable for those who want to spend a day outdoor. In wintertime the sun shines until late afternoon, making the climate temperate; during torrid summers the air is instead refreshed by the breeze coming down from the mountains, contributing to a pleasant staying.

Not without reason spent their holidays in this little “mountain treasure” artists, writers and intellectuals as Giacosa, Boito, Eleonora Duse, Ginzburg, Bobbio, Pavese, Einaudi, Croce, Pirandello, Montale, Frassati.


Dairy farming is still very important in the Elvo Valley. The flavour of Toma, a raw semi-skimmed milk cheese, varies with the flowers and plants in the pastures. The entire cycle takes place in the mountain pastures. The full cream, raw milk butter they produce is recognised by Slow Food®.


As you go up the Elvo Valley towards Sordevolo you will be struck by the magnificent rocky faces of Mount Mucrone. It is a reference point for the 15 villages and 22,00 inhabitants of the area. The cross a on its summit is spotlit at night. The springs of the Elvo stream are at the foot of the mountain.

The “Angels Market”

In Sordevolo visitors can discover a fairyland while waiting for Christmas.

The festive atmosphere can be enjoyed in the village, between illuminated streets and huge angels who welcome you.

You can feel Christmas by walking between the wooden houses and the stalls of the Angels Market, between the cold streets, the church and the amphitheatre, and on the smiling faces of people around you.

The Elvo Valley, an area to explore