Visits to the Passion Museum have been transformed into an outdoor event 

Sordevolo’s Passion Museum is part of the Biella Museum Network, which is reopening its sites on Sunday 28th June. The Network represents the cultural heritage of the local territory.

 The Passion Museum is situated in Saint Marta’s Church. Its contents tell the history of two hundred years of Sordevolo’s Passion Play. At the moment the museum is undergoing a restyling operation which will improve the displays as well as adding interesting new contents. This year, however, the traditional visit has been substituted by a unique and unrepeatable opportunity: personally visiting the set of the Passion Play. A guided tour will offer you a close insight into the largest choral performance in Italy, surrounded by history and latest happenings. This is possible as the scenery for the 2020 edition was almost completely mounted when the performance had to be postponed until summer 2021.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity at

The Giovanni Paolo II Amphitheatre Sordevolo
every Sunday from 28th June until 11th October as well as Saturday 15th August
from 14.30 until 18.30
Ticket €2.00

At the same opening times shown above Sordevolo also gives you the chance to visit the Vercellone Wool Mill Archives, containing two hundred years of textile history. The archives are situated in the Village Council Buildings.