On Sunday 18th, August’19 the 40th Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples in Rimini opened its plays programme in the Galli Theatre with the performance “Midnight Barabba”.

Freely inspired to the famous text “Barabba” written by the Swedish writer Pär Lagerkvist, directed by Otello Cenci, the play has been repeated on Monday 19th, August’19.

The recently completed restored theatre was crowded for both night performances.

The Associazione Teatro Popolare di Sordevolo was invited to the event with twenty walk-on people, duly dressed as plebeians and set at the theatre entrance with the task to create a “surprise effect” and to intrigue people coming for the performance.

At the end of the plays spectators have found in the foyer a corner where to find information about the Edition 2020 of the Passione di Sordevolo.

A heartily thank to the Compagnia delle Opere Piemonte that strongly wanted and supported this opportunity to have our performance known during the important event of Rimini.