The U.S.A. market goes on showing interest in the Passione di Sordevolo and in the Piedmont land.

After the visit some US tour operators paid in our area on end April/beginning of May, we joined in a second promotional step, organized by our American partner “Tourinvest” together with “GT Experience” and a New York communication and PR agency, whose stages have been:

24/6-New York-Eastchester, NY 10709

25/6-Cherry Hill NJ

26/6-Stamford, Connecticut

27/6-press conference by ENIT-Italian Government Tourist Board in New York

All told nearly 250 people, journey agents and travel advisors coming from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (mostly from Philadelphia) and Connecticut, took part to meetings during which some of the tour operators that in Spring visited us were present too; they’ve had a role as “testimonials” , enthusiastically telling all presents about their experience.

Besides the “Passione” the tourist proposal also included the Piedmontese excellence of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero lands and of the Alba White Truffle whose respective Boards have been at our side, offering an interesting promotional project on a wide part of our Region.

Our association was represented by the President, Stefano Rubin Pedrazzo and, as “special guest”, by Marco Caldi, Jesus in the “Passione” since some editions, whose presence awoke interest among those present, giving them an opportunity to ask questions to the main character of the play.

A further promotional phase with US operators is already scheduled at the end of October, thanks to ENIT and “Virtuoso”, an important tour operator in the Luxury Travel area.